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Our “sold” linker is a drop-in replacement for the system linkers and can link multi-gigabyte binary in an instant

Monthly plan

$10 /user/month

For any commercial use of the mold linker up to 99 users


Yearly plan

$8 /user/month

For any commercial use of the mold linker up to 99 users



$8 /user/month

For large deployments

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The sold linker is source-available software. You can download source code from our GitHub repository and build it yourself.

You can request an evaluation license by filling a form. To use the sold linker beyond the evaluation period, you need to purchase a license.

Questions & Answers

What is the license of the sold linker?
sold is released under a per-user, per-month/year commercial license for those who are looking for an alternative license than AGPL.
What is the difference between sold and mold?
Other than the branding and their licenses, sold and mold behave the same. Both sold and mold are developed by us and our contributors.
How many licenses do I need to purchase?
You must purchase a license for each individual who uses the sold linker on a daily basis for an interactive use such as executing a build command or hitting an IDE's build button. You don't need to buy an additional license for non-interactive uses such as CI/CD or individuals who only uses the linker occasionally. For the details, see our End User License Agreement.
Is sold compatible with the default linker?
Yes! Our sold linker is a drop-in replacement for the existing GNU linker. Except for a few pathological cases or embedded programs/OS kernels, sold works just like GNU linker does but simply faster.
How fast is sold?
It depends on the target, but on a 16-core modern x86 machine with an SSD, sold roughly takes 1 second per GiB of the output file. For example, if your binary is 1.5 GiB in size, sold can link it in 1.5 seconds.
Why is sold so fast?
Modern computers have multiple cores, but existing build tools often fail to take advantage of them. The internals of our sold linker are highly parallelized to optimize for modern multicore CPUs.